Saturday, 31 March 2012

I am a Graduate!

It was a big week for me... i graduated from Basic Obedience! FosterMomma and BestFriend already taught me how to do mosts of the stuffs so my Mom just had to pick up where they left off.  Mom's training skills are pretty rusty so it was good for her to go to obedience classes as well.

So this is my "Down" means that i flops on my belly real fasts...

 Pretty good huh?!

This is my "kiss". For some reason, Mom wants me to kiss her more than I already do?... 

Pretty good huh?!

We also had to learn a "trick" for class. Me and mom picked "roll over"... 

Pretty good huh?!

So all in all it was a good week, except last night got a little crazy. Mom was drinkings the red stuffs from the Hippo bottle. She tooks her iPad and decided to take all kinds of pictures of me. i'm used to this...but when she showed me the pictures we laughed and laughed and decided to give them funny names!! Lookits!!
Chubby Hippo

Big Lips Hippo

Square Head Hippo

Big Tongue Hippo

Seeing Double Hippos

Not a Hippo

Hot Hippo

X-Ray Hippo

Starburst Hippo!

This morning, Mom said no more "drinking and ipading", but i still think the pictures are pretty funny :) 

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