Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hippo's "Big Water" Expedition

The other day, Mom and Dad surprised me by getting out the Big Orange Banana again!  The real surprise though was that a Big RED Banana also appeared!!  Mom and Dad said they were going to introduce me to the Big Water!! YAY!! So Mom and Dad carried the Big Bananas down overs the hill where I've never been before.  When I looked down I saw it...a GIANT POOL!!  I thought this must be the Big Water!!

So I jumped into my Banana with Mom and she got out a Giant Spatula!  You know, the kind that she lets me lick with all the yummy foods on it.  She stuck it in the water and it made the Banana move.  She said I hope you are ready for this Hippo, but you might enjoy it more if you turn around and face the other way...

Then the voyage of the Big Bananas and my team of explorers began.

We saw things called lily pads...

and a beaver dam...

and a bald eagle...

Dad seemed to always be ahead of us so I yelled "MOM STIR FASTER WITH THE SPATULA AND CATCH UP WITH DAD!"  She said that she was trying real hard but she was not used to 50 pounds of extra cargo??

Exploring is hard work so I needed to rest and gain my strengths for the journey home.

Before I knew it we were back home.  Mom said the expedition was a success because no cargo was lost :)
It was a really great day, but I couldn't help notice that there was enough extra space in Dad's Banana for a friend to join our team on our journeys...


  1. What a great adventure you had, Hippo! A friend in the other banana would be just the ticket for your family. :)

  2. Love your blog Eugene!
    You are adorable :)

  3. Love it! I so wish my arthritic bulldog felt well enough to venture with me.