Sunday, 27 January 2013

Gotcha Day!

Hi Everybody!

Mom and Dad tolds me it's a pretty big day today!  They said "It's Gotcha Day Hippo! One year ago today you changed our lives forever!"  So i decided to thinks back to all that has happened since I came to live with my family...

I learned how to drive a tractor with my Dad

I discovered the WaterBox and learned how to swimmings

Once I mastered swimmings, I learned how to divings

Once I mastered divings, I learned how to kayakings

That was all very excitings but the bestest thing evers was when I got my brother!!!

It has been the bestest year of my whole life!!  Thank you everyone for loving meeee!!!!

Sunday, 25 November 2012


Hi everybody!!  Remember me??  I’m Eugene the HouseHippo!!!

Some of you may be wonderings what me and my brother have been up to.  Well, let me shows you!!!

We do some of this…

We do some of that…

We also do this…

But mostly, we do stuffs like this!!

As you can see, my life has been one big party since my brother came to live at my house with me and Mom and Dad!!

This past week was also really specials!!!  One morning when we were all cuddlings in the big bed before we got up, Mom whispered something in my ear.  She said “Happy Rescue-versary” my little Hippo.  I said, “watcha talkin bout Mom?”  She reminded me that 1 year ago today, the best FosterMomma in the whole world rescued me from that big loud dog house I ended up in….and she took me to my foster home to hang out with BestFriend!!!  Mom said we would have a party to celebrate my rescue-versary!!!  The first thing I wanted to know was if my brother was invited and if I could share all my presents with him???  Mom said, “Of course Hippo, we are a family now”. :D

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Oh Brother!

Everybody knows that I love my SkunkFish and my SkunkFish loves me.  But when he came to stay with us, Mom told me not to get too attached to my FosterBrother because he would eventually move on to his furever home.  This made me really sads because me and my SkunkFish have become brothers for reals.

We had no choice but to be as cute as possible so that Mom and Dad's hearts would hurt if they made my SkunkFish go away.  So I whispered the plan into SkunkFish's ear...
He thought it was a great idea so here is what we dids....

We slept together like brothers...
and of course we played like brothers real cutes...

Then I made SkunkFish practice his looking cutes.  He didn't have to try that hard...
Eventually, Mom sat us down and said "what are you two up to"?  We explained that even though we are brothers from other mothers and fathers, that we feel like we came from the same litter.  To split us up would be mean and they could be charged with animal cruelties.  Mom said that she and dad would have to think about it.  In the meantime, me and my SkunkFish kept the pressure on by doing things like this...

(even with our devil eyes we look cutes) 

and sharing sun rays like brothers...
Then one morning we were all in bed doing our extreme cuddlings.  Mom and Dad said that if I really wanted my SkunkFish to be my brother for reals, then that was okay.  They said that they really love SkunkFish too and could not imagine him going away.  They said it was meant to be.  I ran outside and screamed yeeeeee hawwwwww!!!!!

Mom said shhhhh Hippo, you will wake the neighbours with all your hootin' and hollerin'!!!  I said I don't care!!!!  News this fantastics has to be shared!!!!!!!  Then me and my brother jumped for joy and hugged!!  Considering where we came from we just can't believes how luckies we are!!

Thursday, 23 August 2012


So Mom says it was bound to happen.  It was only a matter of time before I became a famous HouseHippo.

It all started one day when I was just hangins out with my SkunkFish. All of a suddens, the lady who brought my SkunkFish to me showed up at my house.  I thought she was coming to takes my SkunkFish away so I told him to hides real quicks!  Silly SkunkFish went runnings up to her to say HiyaHiyaHiya!  I thought it was goodbye for sure but I was wrong.  The nice lady stopped by to take pictures of us!

She took lots of nice pictures of me and my SkunkFish just being ourselves.  It was really easy, not like when Mom bribes me with treats to make poses.  One of the pictures turned out like this.  It shows how much funs I have in my pool... 

Mom told me my picture made it's way onto the interwebs. It ended up being a virus (viral) and spread everywhere!!  So far 730,000 people have looked at the wonderfulness that is MEEEEE!!!  So, in order to keep my life as normal as possible I've had to make some adjustments. I had to disguise myself like this... 

But, I was still being recognized so I had to disguise myself even better and cover my pointy ears with a ball cap...

When I'm not out giving paw-tographs, I have been hangin out with my SkunkFish. I have been teaching him all of my good (bad!) habits. Lookits how cute my SkunkFish is!!!

and lookits how cute we are together!!!

I love my SkunkFish and my SkunkFish loves me!!!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Things, they are a changing...

A few weeks ago, very strange things started happenings at my house.  I knew something was ups when Mom and Dad started to cleans the house real goods. The only time the house was that cleans was when I came to live here. Mom even took my nose arts off the window!!!  Hmmm, suspicious.

Next, Dad made a new house for me.  I thought it was real nice of him to give me some selections for where I hangs out.  Dad puts the new house under the dining room window.  I checked it outs and it was good and squishy and comfy.

So Mom and Dad went out for a little while and when they came back they said "Let's go for a walk Hippo!".  We went outside and I noticed the nice lady who I have walked with before, except she didn't have her usual dog.  She had a black and white dog.  I was really happy to makes a new walkings friend.  Mom said his name was "SkunkFish".  So me and my new friend went for a nice walk.

After our walk we went back to my house and I really, really, really wanted to play with my new walkings friend.  We played a little bitey face but it was really hots so we took a rest and got a drink.  You know, the usual stuffs when my friends come over.

So the nice lady who came over with the SkunkFish started to leave and I knew my playdate was over.  I always stays on my deck and watch all my friends leave because I'm kinda sad to see them go.  But this time was different, she did not puts the SkunkFish in her car.  I was about to say, "Don't forget your SkunkFish!", but I decided to be quiets.  I told the SkunkFish to hides under the table and hoped she would forgets and leave the SkunkFish behind!  Guess what, SHE DID!! YAY!!!

Then Mom asked me to remembers that not long ago I lived with my FosterMomma and BestFriend Quinn.  I said "Of course I remembers, don't be silly!"  Then Mom said the musics to my ears, "Well, SkunkFish is your new FosterBrother!"  She said that I had to try and be the best Hippo I could be and set good examples for the SkunkFish.  I said, "IPROMISEIPROMISEIPROMISEIPROMISEIPROMISE!!!!!"

Then me and the SkunkFish promptly konked out and I dreamed of the funs I would have with the SkunkFish...zzzzzzzz.... 

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hippo's "Big Water" Expedition

The other day, Mom and Dad surprised me by getting out the Big Orange Banana again!  The real surprise though was that a Big RED Banana also appeared!!  Mom and Dad said they were going to introduce me to the Big Water!! YAY!! So Mom and Dad carried the Big Bananas down overs the hill where I've never been before.  When I looked down I saw it...a GIANT POOL!!  I thought this must be the Big Water!!

So I jumped into my Banana with Mom and she got out a Giant Spatula!  You know, the kind that she lets me lick with all the yummy foods on it.  She stuck it in the water and it made the Banana move.  She said I hope you are ready for this Hippo, but you might enjoy it more if you turn around and face the other way...

Then the voyage of the Big Bananas and my team of explorers began.

We saw things called lily pads...

and a beaver dam...

and a bald eagle...

Dad seemed to always be ahead of us so I yelled "MOM STIR FASTER WITH THE SPATULA AND CATCH UP WITH DAD!"  She said that she was trying real hard but she was not used to 50 pounds of extra cargo??

Exploring is hard work so I needed to rest and gain my strengths for the journey home.

Before I knew it we were back home.  Mom said the expedition was a success because no cargo was lost :)
It was a really great day, but I couldn't help notice that there was enough extra space in Dad's Banana for a friend to join our team on our journeys...

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

This Week's Blog Is Brought To You By The Color Orange

Mom and Dad came home with a new toy for me! Yay!!  It's called a "Frisbee" and it is orange just like my ball, my hurley and my swimsuit!  It goes high up in the airs but comes down kinda slows.  Sometimes I have to waits and try to catch it when it comes down toward me.  Now, like with all my toys, I need to try them out in my pool.  Turns out the Frisbee floats and it's super fun to swim after it!

This past weekend was supers dupers hot.  I knows this because my tongue was hangings out alot!  Me and Mom and Dad spent time "cooling off" in the pool (I thought it was called swimmings?).  Anyway, I woke up from a snooze to a Big Orange Banana in my yard!!  I ran down to inspects it right away and you know what I found??...MY FAVORITE TREATS WERE IN THE BIG ORANGE BANANA!!!

As soon as I ate them I jumped in the hole in the Big Orange Banana to see if I could find more treats.  It was so hots I had to lay down and take a break!

Next, Mom and Dad put the Big Orange Banana in my pool!  I was really confused because how could I do my swimmings with that Big Banana in the way??  Well I should have known that Mom had a treat up her sleeve.  I watched my Mom get inside the Big Orange Banana, but she wasn't looking for treats (weird?!).  She just sat down in the Big Banana and said "Come on in Hippo!"  So I did.  Mom gave me a treat.  Easy peasy!!!

Then Dad pulled me and Mom along the side of my pool and when Mom said it was okay, I jumped out.  Then Mom said next time we take out the Big Orange Banana we will go to the big water!  I said WHAT'STHATWHAT'STHATWHAT'SWHAT'STHAT?????  She said I would have to be patient and wait and see.  Hmmm, I wonder if it's orange too?