Thursday, 23 August 2012


So Mom says it was bound to happen.  It was only a matter of time before I became a famous HouseHippo.

It all started one day when I was just hangins out with my SkunkFish. All of a suddens, the lady who brought my SkunkFish to me showed up at my house.  I thought she was coming to takes my SkunkFish away so I told him to hides real quicks!  Silly SkunkFish went runnings up to her to say HiyaHiyaHiya!  I thought it was goodbye for sure but I was wrong.  The nice lady stopped by to take pictures of us!

She took lots of nice pictures of me and my SkunkFish just being ourselves.  It was really easy, not like when Mom bribes me with treats to make poses.  One of the pictures turned out like this.  It shows how much funs I have in my pool... 

Mom told me my picture made it's way onto the interwebs. It ended up being a virus (viral) and spread everywhere!!  So far 730,000 people have looked at the wonderfulness that is MEEEEE!!!  So, in order to keep my life as normal as possible I've had to make some adjustments. I had to disguise myself like this... 

But, I was still being recognized so I had to disguise myself even better and cover my pointy ears with a ball cap...

When I'm not out giving paw-tographs, I have been hangin out with my SkunkFish. I have been teaching him all of my good (bad!) habits. Lookits how cute my SkunkFish is!!!

and lookits how cute we are together!!!

I love my SkunkFish and my SkunkFish loves me!!!


  1. Oh Hippo, you and your Skunkfish are beautiful! I saw that picture on the web the other day, and thought Oh it looks like Eugene! Then I laughed at myself thinking all the beautiful bullies I see are the Hippo! But, it WAS you! You deserve to be famous, Hippo because you are a fabulous boy!

  2. EugeneHippo is a celebrity! You're way better looking than Kim Kardashian, Eugene, practice those pawprints!