Saturday, 4 February 2012

My New House!!

Hi everyone!

So here i am at my new house!!

I like it here because there are lots of fun toys, but i still miss BestfFriend Quinn and FosterMomma.  My new mom and dad look at me alot and say things like "we love you" and "you're sooo cute", but I already know that! 

So the bed is good and squishy and so is the sofa.  This is how i sleeps on it... 

This is my window and how i looks out it when i'm excited...

and this is how i looks out it when i gets sleepy...

Yesterday mom and dad took me to the post office (whatever that is?) and we picked up a box.  It turned out to be a magic box because when it opened, toys came out of it!! 

There was a rope with an antler on it and two stuffies that i really love.  One is a blue hippo that has squeaky toes and another is a big pink hippo!! Mom says they are my hippo friends.  Lookits how i took the squeaky toes off the blue hippo!

Mom says the pink hippo is my new girlfriend so i played a good game of biteyface with her and then tried to give her pointy ears like mine.  I also thought it best to remove her tail so it doesn't tickle my snout...

Today mom and dad said we might go to the park - i'm not sure about this because it's not hippo weather outside.  I think i'll just gaze into my new girlfriends eyes today...she's perrrttyyy...


  1. We're glad to have you in NS Eugene! You look like you're having fun. :)

  2. Awwww, Eugene! You look so happy, and I'm so glad you have a nice new family outside of Ontario! Welcome to Nova Scotia: Stella (my ADR foster) and I love it here.

  3. I am SO happy that the Eugene has a new blog! I love starting my morning by reading about the tales of the house hippo :)

  4. Love it!!! My mother and I were so sad when we thought we'd never see the Hippo again. We too have a House Hippo, not a Pittie but an Olde English Bulldogge. Keep shining Eugene and change the minds of those against Bullys. Maybe in a year or so you could get certified as a Therapy Hippo and show yourself off to elderly and children, you certainly have the sweet personality for it!!! Go Hippo go!!!

  5. Your new sofa looks really soft and silky, Eugene! Seems like your dog kinda loves it too. She looks adorable! :P May I ask what tricks can she can do as of now? I hope you've already taught her how to pee in a proper area. If not, then I suggest you do. :) She looks like a really smart dog. I think she’ll pick up on it quite easily.