Saturday, 11 February 2012

It's Official!!

I live in Nova Scotia for reals!!  when mom showed it to me i was worried that it said "dog tag" but mom said not to worry, they probably just ran out of "hippo tags"...

So i had a bit of a falling out with my girlfriend this week.  i was finishing taking her tail off and there was some fuzzy stuff that was still tickling my snout, so of course i decided i needed to take that off too!  it just wouldn't stop!!  sadly she won't play with me says she's just feeling a little empty.....

Mom and Dad have also been saying that there is a sack of potatoes in our bed!!  i have no idea what they are talking about??  they say it makes it a little hard for them to sleeps...sooo because i love my mom and dad lots, i decided to help them get to sleeps with some hippo music!  listens how soooothing it is.....

My most favorite day this week was when mom "worked from home"!!!  can you tell i looovvveees working from home???


  1. I love the Hippo music!!! Lucy too soothes me with her music! My grandfather too plays music as he sleeps at the other end of the house and sometimes they're in sync.

  2. SO cute! Welcome to East Hants Eugene! Glad to have you in our neighbourhood!