Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Hippo's "Occupy Big Bed" Movement

So i was just sitting on my big bed, lookins out my window, mindings my own business, when mom said it was time to "change the sheets"...

Mom started to take all the comfy blankets off the bed!!  i had to act fast so i sprawled my Hippo body all over the bed so my Hippo smelling sheets could not come off.  after all, why would anyone not want Hippo scented sheets?!?  Anyway, Mom said she knows that I like to play "sack of potatoes" on the big bed, but she told me to get off the bed so that is what i did...she said I was a good boy!

 When the Hippo smelling sheets came off the bed they landed on the floor.  i decided i had to protest and camp out on the sheets!  they smelled sooo good! 

But, before i could gets too comfy, Mom came back with Hippo coloured pillows and a Hippo coloured blanket!!  i guess i'll just have to spend more time in my big bed to get that Hippo aroma back!!


  1. Oh Hippo! You're always so helpful ;) Love this!!!

  2. hahah he is a good lookin dog :)my lexy used to do the same even a sock on the floor and im going to lay on it :)

  3. Oh Hippo, you're so helpful!!! My Lucille just sits and waits for the sheets to get back on "her" bed. :) Silly hippos!