Wednesday, 4 July 2012

This Week's Blog Is Brought To You By The Color Orange

Mom and Dad came home with a new toy for me! Yay!!  It's called a "Frisbee" and it is orange just like my ball, my hurley and my swimsuit!  It goes high up in the airs but comes down kinda slows.  Sometimes I have to waits and try to catch it when it comes down toward me.  Now, like with all my toys, I need to try them out in my pool.  Turns out the Frisbee floats and it's super fun to swim after it!

This past weekend was supers dupers hot.  I knows this because my tongue was hangings out alot!  Me and Mom and Dad spent time "cooling off" in the pool (I thought it was called swimmings?).  Anyway, I woke up from a snooze to a Big Orange Banana in my yard!!  I ran down to inspects it right away and you know what I found??...MY FAVORITE TREATS WERE IN THE BIG ORANGE BANANA!!!

As soon as I ate them I jumped in the hole in the Big Orange Banana to see if I could find more treats.  It was so hots I had to lay down and take a break!

Next, Mom and Dad put the Big Orange Banana in my pool!  I was really confused because how could I do my swimmings with that Big Banana in the way??  Well I should have known that Mom had a treat up her sleeve.  I watched my Mom get inside the Big Orange Banana, but she wasn't looking for treats (weird?!).  She just sat down in the Big Banana and said "Come on in Hippo!"  So I did.  Mom gave me a treat.  Easy peasy!!!

Then Dad pulled me and Mom along the side of my pool and when Mom said it was okay, I jumped out.  Then Mom said next time we take out the Big Orange Banana we will go to the big water!  I said WHAT'STHATWHAT'STHATWHAT'SWHAT'STHAT?????  She said I would have to be patient and wait and see.  Hmmm, I wonder if it's orange too?


  1. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I am thrilled and jealous and just . . .YAAAAYYYYY!!!!!

  2. that is awesome! what a great life you have hippo :)

  3. This made my heart so so so happy!!!!

  4. Oh Hippo - if only all hippos were as lucky as you! Such adventures await you!!

  5. I love this blog! Happy lucky Hippo! Great photos!