Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hippo Portfolio

I finally understands what it is like to be a supermodel...and let me tell you it's hard works! 

Mom gots a new camera.  So lately, every time I turn around, all I see is this...

She asks me to do Hippo poses all the time.  Since I loves my mom, i do my best poses for her.  Here are just a few shots from my growing portfolio...

Silly Hippo

Pensive Hippo
"Action Chew" Hippo

Stealthy Hippo

"Trying to Nap" Hippo
Zonked Hippo

Handsome Hippo
 I know, I know, it's hard to pick my best shot!  Mom and Dad says they loves all the Hippo poses!  Do you have a favorite??


  1. Eugene is headed for America's Next Top Model with those great poses!

  2. I think maybe a spy mission (clearly the stealth pic is my fav)