Saturday, 9 June 2012

Mystery of the WaterBox: Solved! ...and Nurse Hippo

Hey everybody!  I'm sorry that I have not been blogging lately.  I have been very busy with a super important job.  My mom went to see Dr. PullHerTeefsOut and it didn't go so well.  She has been really quiet and I have been nursings her back to healths by snuggling close to keep her warm and happy.  Mom said I am a super duper nurse!

Now...BIG NEWS!!!  I finally knows what the WaterBox is for!!  It's for this thing called swimmings!!  A few weekends ago, it was really hot outside, so Mom and Dad put funny underwears on (they called it their "swimsuits"??) and went INTO the WaterBox!  They seemed to be having fun with their heads bobbing around.  Then mom and dad gots out of the WaterBox and told me it was my turn to put my "swimsuit" on. Next thing I knew, a bright orange swimsuit was being wrapped around my handsome hippo body!

Then mom showed me that she had my favorite liver treats and my favorite ball!!  We sat beside the WaterBox and mom fed me my liver treats.  Before I knew it, my delicate Hippo feets were standings on a step IN the WaterBox!!!  It was kind of refreshings actually!  Then my dad sloooowwwwly lifted me into the WaterBox and my legs just started kicking automatically!  I was a little scareds at first but my dad was holding me nice and tight.  The water felt really good on my hot hippo body.
Then I saw it!!  Mom had my favorite ball!!  She put in right in front of my I had no choice but to run after it!   Well, um, swims after it.  Lookits me swimmings!!

After all that swimmings I gots very tireds.  I went into my fort and laid down in my favorite shady spot.  Swimmings is hard work but boy it is fun!!

I've got to get back to my nursings duty, but stay tuned for more WaterBox fun!


  1. Hippo, good for you!!! Thanks for making me smile today!!

  2. Yay Euge! You will have to teach Brosa some day. He sinks!

  3. Awesome!! I'm glad for the "swimsuit" as I'm not sure that compact little tank would stay afloat on his own!! LOL Great work, Eugenius (and mom and dad)!!