Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mish Mash Week

When I sat down to do my blog this week, I couldn't decides what to write.  Mom suggested I do a "mish mash" of things...so I said "what's a mish mash Mom?"  She said just tell everyone a little bit about everything that happened this week!  What a great idea!  Here goes!

First, I learned a new way to sit with my Dad.  Moms says it turns me into a shar pei (?), but as soon as I jumps off my sofa, I turns back into a HouseHippo again...like magics!  I loves sitting with my Dad....
Next, there was more activity around the water box.  Dad spends a lot of time walking around and around it with that giant stick in his hands.  I supervise Dad and also keep an eye out for the other Hippo.  But every time I see him he still just keeps looking back at me???  
I'm also an aspiring artist!  I surprised mom and dad with a sculpture I mades on my deck!  I calls it "poop art"!  Mom and dad said it was very creative but they want me to makes my art on the lawn from now on.  Notice the splash of color I added from my favorite toy...I think it's Eugenious!!!

On the weekend, I was told it was "Mother's Day".  Dad said I should give lots of kisses to mom to show her that I loves her??  Weirds, I do that every day!  On the same day, my new grammy came out to spends some time with me.  I was also told to give her lots of kisses because it was a special day?  Weirds, I give her lots of kisses every time she visits me!

But before my grammy came over, my mom got out the present that dad told me I gave to mom for mother's day??  Weirds, I don't remembers doing that?  Anyway, the present was a noisy stirring machine that makes cake!!  I was sooo excited!!  But, it turned out the cake had 'chocolate' in it.  I didn't know what that was but it sounded yummy!  Then Mom said that chocolate was not safe for my tummy and that I could not have cake.  Bummers.  But then, when mom and dad weren't looking, my grammy let me licks the icings off her plate!!!  She said, "shhh Hippo, there is no chocolate in the icing".  It was delicious!  I loves my grammy and my grammy loves me!
I hope there is something called Hippo's Day so I can have my own cake, without chocolate of course!

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  1. Hippoo (heh heh), you did an awesome job of cleaning that plate! Good Mother's day work.