Thursday, 10 May 2012

Boys Weekend!

This past weekend, I dids something I never dids before!  Me and Dad had a boys weekend!!  I was a little bummed when I heard Mom was going away for the weekend, but when Dad told me what he had planned, I forgots all about Mom!

First, we relaxed and drank some beers (okay, only Dad drank the beers).  Then we watched the hockey.  Dad said that the boys have to go after the puck really fast just like I chase my ball really fast.  Then I asked Dad if I could have a puck and play the hockey??  He said, "Maybe next winter, but it's summer now Hippo, we are going to teach you how to swim!  Hmm, I wonders what that is?

The next day some men came to "open" the water box??  They brought a weird coughing machine with them.  I started by watching them from my deck.  
They pulled and pulled on the cord of the machine, but it just kept coughing.  I was really interested in all the activity so I went down to help.  I brought the cord that Mom and Dad attach to my collar with me.  I wrapped it all around the feets of the water box men.  Then Dad said he knew I was only trying to help but maybe it would be best if I watched from inside.  So that's what I did!

 After a while, it gots pretty boring, so I decided to take a short siesta....
Then Dad came in and wokes me up and said that the water box men were gone.  We wents outside and I rans over to the water box and carefully looked over the edge...and you won't believe what I saw!!!  Another House Hippo!!  I wasn't quite sure what to think but I couldn't help but notice that he was a very handsome House Hippo.  I hope he is friendly and wants to play with me this summer!

We gots up the next day and Dad said we were going to make a FORT!!  I was sooo excited! I helped Dad takes all the fort parts out of the boxes and then searched inside each box with my snout to make sure they were empty.  I also helped hold the ladder and watched Dad close when he was up on top.  Lookits our new fort! 

It tooks all day, but when we were done I got to snuggle with my Dad in our fort.  I was really happy...

Then I heard a sound from inside my house.  I looked through the window and there was Mom!

I ran in the house, and gave her kisses all over her face!  Boys weekend was really fun, but it sure was nice to have mom home!

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