Saturday, 25 February 2012

Obedience Class!

The strangest thing happened the other and dad did not feeds me my supper?!?   i was getting really hungry but then they said we were going for a car ride, yay!

We wents to a place where there was a big room with lots of dogs!  i couldn't believe it, mom and dad tooks me to a party!!!  i said hello to all the dogs with good bum sniffs.  i couldn't believe my luck, it was all girls!!   let's get this party started and plaaaayyyy!!

Then, all of a sudden, mom wanted me to look into her eyes. i do this all the times at home, why do i have to do it at the party?  she gave me a piece of my supper and then i remembered how hungry i was!  i decided to do everything my mom was asking because i wanted to gathers my strengths for the party.  we did all the things that mom gets me to do at home but it was lots harder cause i just wanted to get the party started!!

Then mom tried to get me to do something we don't do at home...touch my nose to my bum!  before i knew it i was spinning all around! it was really fun but it made me a little dizzy.  here's me in the middle of my spins....woo hoo!!

Eventually i started to get tireds and almost all my supper was in my belly.  i was hoping i would have enough energy for the party but i worked sooo hard for mom that i was all pooped out...

So mom and dad took me home.  they said lots and lots that i was a good boy and that we get to go to the party again next week!  they said we have to practice all the stuffs we did at the party so i could impress all the girls.  i will definitely work hard so all the girls will like me!

When we gots home mom and dad said they wanted to make toast because they were so proud of me!  Yay, i love toast!  but instead of toast, they gots out a bottle of the new "house wine".  they said "here's to our amazing househippo!  cheers!"


...well, i guess it makes sense to have HouseHippo wine...but i was too tired to think much more about it...i just wanted to curl up with my dad and dream about the girls at the party...can't wait to see them again next weeee........zzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz.....

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  1. Good taste in doggies AND wine!

  2. Awww, Mr. Euge! I am so glad you had a good time at your party. Tell your new parents that I think they're awesome for being your party chaperones!

  3. Hooray for parties, Eugene!!! They are the best!!! I'm so glad you were such a good boy and eventually got all that dinner you were wanting!! I just love you, keep up the good work sweet boy!!!

  4. What a cuddle bug! Love hearing about your life cuttie!