Sunday, 12 August 2012

Things, they are a changing...

A few weeks ago, very strange things started happenings at my house.  I knew something was ups when Mom and Dad started to cleans the house real goods. The only time the house was that cleans was when I came to live here. Mom even took my nose arts off the window!!!  Hmmm, suspicious.

Next, Dad made a new house for me.  I thought it was real nice of him to give me some selections for where I hangs out.  Dad puts the new house under the dining room window.  I checked it outs and it was good and squishy and comfy.

So Mom and Dad went out for a little while and when they came back they said "Let's go for a walk Hippo!".  We went outside and I noticed the nice lady who I have walked with before, except she didn't have her usual dog.  She had a black and white dog.  I was really happy to makes a new walkings friend.  Mom said his name was "SkunkFish".  So me and my new friend went for a nice walk.

After our walk we went back to my house and I really, really, really wanted to play with my new walkings friend.  We played a little bitey face but it was really hots so we took a rest and got a drink.  You know, the usual stuffs when my friends come over.

So the nice lady who came over with the SkunkFish started to leave and I knew my playdate was over.  I always stays on my deck and watch all my friends leave because I'm kinda sad to see them go.  But this time was different, she did not puts the SkunkFish in her car.  I was about to say, "Don't forget your SkunkFish!", but I decided to be quiets.  I told the SkunkFish to hides under the table and hoped she would forgets and leave the SkunkFish behind!  Guess what, SHE DID!! YAY!!!

Then Mom asked me to remembers that not long ago I lived with my FosterMomma and BestFriend Quinn.  I said "Of course I remembers, don't be silly!"  Then Mom said the musics to my ears, "Well, SkunkFish is your new FosterBrother!"  She said that I had to try and be the best Hippo I could be and set good examples for the SkunkFish.  I said, "IPROMISEIPROMISEIPROMISEIPROMISEIPROMISE!!!!!"

Then me and the SkunkFish promptly konked out and I dreamed of the funs I would have with the SkunkFish...zzzzzzzz.... 


  1. Wonderful! Good boy, Eugene, have lots of nice fun with SkunkFish (and think up a new name for him!)!

  2. How are you and SkunkFish doing, Eugene, have you shown him the water box and the big orange banana yet?