Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Today i wokes up and Mom said "Happy Easter Hippo"! So i said "mom, what's Easter"? She said she wanted to show me something first. so we went to my sofa, i jumped up on the back, looked out my window and saw THIS!!!

What, SNOW!?! Me and Easter were definitely not getting off on the right paw. So i put my hat on and went outside to relieve my hippo bladder.

When i came back inside, mom told me something very special happens on Easter. An Easter treat hunt! So i thought, hmmm, maybe i should rethink my position on Easter. Lookits me findings some of my Easter treats...

It was so much fun, and it went ons and ons and ons!  After i founds all the treats, i had to rests up, because i'm hoping tomorrow will be Easter again...


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  1. Oh Hippo, you make me laugh out loud! Good thinking double checking the pillows! You never know they might reload themselves! And by the way, that hippo hat is to die for, I'd leave it on you all the time! My days are very sad when I check your blog, and you haven't left a story for us to read!

  2. That Hippo Hat photo may be my favorite one yet. :D