Monday, 23 April 2012

Unsolved Mystery: The Water Box

I'm not sure if you noticed, but there is a big water box in my yard. it just sits there. mom and dad do the yard work and gardenings around it, but nothing else....until this weekend.

dad got out a big stick and i thought we were going to play with it. i was going to bite the thingy on the end of it, but then it disappeared into the water box!
 When it came back out, there were stinky old wet leaves on it and dad dumped them right on my feets!!

i watched dad do this overs and overs and the stinky old leaves just kept on coming up out of the water box. i patrolled the area around the water box hoping i could get a bite of the stick, but dad made it go ins and outs so fast!
All of this patrolling was very tirings so I rested a while on the grass...
Then dad went inside and came back out with a treat for me! Yay, liver!  dad said no liver hippo, just a nice cold ice cube???  i decided to try it so dad put it in my mouth. i tried to carry it around but it got really COLD so I spit it out on my deck. It was crunchy and fun, but I prefer liver, yum yum!

After the crunchy ice cube frozed my teefs I laid on my deck and tried to warm up. 

It just wasn't warm enough for me so i asked mom if i could go to my favorite sunny spot.  she said of course Hippo, you can keep an eye on us from there. So after dad got all the leaves out of the water box he put the stick away and that was it!!

So for the meantime, the water box continues to be a mystery....

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