Sunday, 15 April 2012

Gardenings Day!

Today was a beautiful day for something called gardenings!

Early this morning, mom said, "come on Hippo, let's get to work"! First we checked on the early springs flowers and gave them good sniffs.

Then it was time to cleans up all the old dead stuffs. I said, "mom, you do that, and i'll sniffs around back here under the big trees".

Then i came back out and looked at something mom called a vine. Soon enough i got caughts all up in the vine and mom had to help me out.

So then i watered the grass in a few different spots. This makes the lawn nice and yellow.

Then i just watched mom for a while, but i was getting a little booored...

So i decided to watch out for the orange cat that visits us sometimes....but no sign of him today.

I was getting a bit too much sun, so mom said i could relax in the shade for a bit...

Then it was time to get back to work, so i decided i better fertilize the plants...right on top of them is usually best...

Then i decided to rest again, all that pushing is hard work!!

I told mom i was pretty much done for the day. She said i could go relax on my deck if i wanted to. So i did and i fell asleeps in the sun...

Mom wokes me up and said that i could go on the nice chair instead of the hard deck. I jumped up on the chair right away and plunked myself down. This gardenings stuff is hard work for a hippo!

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