Saturday, 3 March 2012

East Hants Rocks!!!

The East Hants Newsletter came this week and Mom said there was good news!!

First of all, it said "SPRING" which is great news because that's what i likes to do with my Hippo legs!!  Mom said that Spring also means that my Hippo feets won't be so cold when i go outside!  Yay Spring!!

Most importantly came the news about the dog by-law.  Mom said that means rules for Hippos.  My first thought was "oh no, not more rules, i'm already a good Hippo!".  Mom said that's true, but there is something even more important in the news.  Could it be about free treats??

Mom said no, it's about "BSL".  So of course i said "what's BSL"?  Then mom reminded me that it was the reason i had to move away from FosterMomma and BestFriend Quinn.  She said East Hants is not like Onscario, that they like Hippos here!

Mom says put your reading glasses on and pay particular attention to the last sentence...

So i find this quite boooring, but mom said everyone will be happy for me and all of the dogs in East Hants!!

In other more interesting news this week, Mom discovered my new extra special gift while i was helping to empty the peanut butter jar.  She says i have a giraffe tongue!!  Lookits!

So i decided to use my new extra special gift and help out in the kitchen!  The opportunity just presented itself in front of me!  i am the new pre-wash cycle for the dishwasher!! Watch me at work!

Mom said i was a little too helpful when i tried to get in the dishwasher.  My exuberance and hard work at my new job made me very tireds!!  Nap time!!

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