Saturday, 17 March 2012

Play Date!

This week I made a new friend!

As usual, Mom and Dad came home from work and as usual i was really happy to see them, and as usual it was going to be a great night!  but then they told me that it was going to be an extra special night because i was going to make a new friend and her name is Stelladog!  so mom said that i would have to be a really good boy and listen to her while Stelladog was here.  i knew that would be hard but i was really going to try!

before i knew it, there was a new car in the driveway and out popped a giant dog!  i got super duper excited and yelled for her to come over and play!  she was super cool and listened to all the things her fostermomma said. 

so we decided to go for a nice walk, but i was just so excited that i pulled and dragged my Mom around.  i totally forgots Mom had my favorite cookies with her.  besides that, Stelladog's fostermomma had super tasty cookies that i discovered were better than mine!  so me and Stelladog made a plan. we decided to trade mommas and do our best sits so we could get each others cookies!

then we wrestled and played and had a great time.  we had to take lots of breaks and do good sits to get each others tasty cookies.  our plan worked out great!

we gots a little tired and decided to go on my deck for some refreshments and a little sun.  while we relaxed, i heard my Mom asking Stelladog's fostermomma about Stelladog's pretty red necklace.  

then, before i knew it, Stelladog and her fostermomma went back to their car.  it all happened so fast that she was gone before i knew it!  i decided to rest on my deck and looks down my driveway just in case she came back. she didn't, but the good news is that Mom said she would come back next week!  Yay!!

a few days later we went to the post office.  i was pretty excited because i loves everything that comes from there.  we gots home, opened the package, and out came a necklace just like Stelladogs!  Mom tried to put it on me and i wiggled a bit because i thought only girls wore necklaces.  Mom said nope, it's not a necklace, all the cool dogs wear this thing!  turns out i like it lots because it helps my mom not to flop around at the end of my leash!

see you next week Stelladog!


  1. I need to get my Hippo one of these, Eugene, ask your mother where she got this? Glad you've make a new friend!!! Dogfriends are the best!!!

  2. I love the way he lays down with his back legs splayed out!