Saturday, 24 March 2012

Dr. TakeCareofMe!

So i've been waiting for mom and dad to realize that it's a good idea to take me to work because everyone loves me where ever i go!  one morning this week i thought I was finally going to work with mom and dad!  i was really excited when we got there because it was a great place to work - there were dogs everywhere!  Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy!!!  the only problem was that trying to say hello to all the dogs was all very tiring....

There was even a cat!  he walked around real cool.  i tried to sniff him but he jumped up real high and i couldn't reach him.  he looked down at me from his perch and told me i was a silly boy and off he went!! 

There were also cookies everywhere and i was getting LOTS of them!   lots of people came up to me and gave me good ear scratches and bum scratches.  they all told me that i was a very good dog.  they must have been confused - i had to tell them i was a Hippo!  anyway, we just hung out and i did lots of good sits and downs.

All of a sudden i heard someone call my name and we went into a smaller room.  there was a man in there who gave me a cookie just for being a Hippo!!  he wanted to look at my teeths and my eyes and my ears.  i said no problem!  he took this thing and listened to my heart and said it was a good strong Hippo heart.  i thought no wonder mom and dad like to go to work every day - this is fun - but still very tiring...

After that we went back out into the big room where all the other dogs were.  mom stood at a counter and i watched her take the plastic money card out of her wallet and give it to the pretty girl behind the counter.  i thought it was very strange that mom was paying to be at work??  anyway, just at this moment i noticed the cat again - he was sitting on the counter.  i thought i would try and introduce myself again so i jumped up at him to say hi.  i couldn't believe what happened next!  he took out his paw and whacked me super duper fast on my nose and said that's no way to meet a cat silly Hippo!  so of course i tried again!  the cat whacked me like the speed of light right on my nose again and told me to be more polite!  so i decided that i would try to win the cat over again later - but watch him closely just the same...

Everyone started to say goodbye and that they looked forward to seeing the Hippo again.  i thought that was a pretty short day at work.  we went home and mom and dad said it was time to go in my house and they gave me my tasty peanut butter kong!  i was really confused when they said they had to go to work? we were just at work?!?  mom said that was the vet office silly Hippo and the nice man i met was Dr. TakeCareof Hippo!!  then mom said they work in a boring office with no dogs and cats and that i wouldn't like it much there.  what!?  no dogs or cats!!!  forget it then - i'll stay home with my peanut butter kong and take a nice long nap...with one eye open...just in case that cat decided to come home with us!


  1. Always sleep with one eye open where cats are concerned. Smart Hippo! Glad the doctor gave you a good checkup!

  2. Eugene I never get tired of reading your antics - so glad to hear you were such a good hippo for your Dr. :) keep up the excellent behaviour - every day your job as an ambassador is very important!

  3. I just LOVE this hippo!!